Education Committee

The Education Committee is made up of physician representatives from all three ED sites. Briefly, the Committee’s purpose is to:

      • define the educational needs for all ED sites
      • design an educational program to address identified needs
      • comply with college accreditation guidelines and requirements
      • implement the educational program
      • evaluate the effectiveness of the education program

Committee participation is voluntary and ED staff are encouraged to contribute and become a part of the team.

Collaborative education programs with nursing staff, respiratory therapists, other allied health care staff and pre-hospital medicine personnel will be encouraged. The vision is for a fully collaborative emergency medicine education program from the pre-hospital services to the emergency and critical care departments.

Physician Lead:

      • Dr Rocco Lombardi

Committee Members:

      • Dr Nedalina Alexieva
      • Dr Amita Dayal
      • Dr Katey Jakins
      • Dr Ken Freeman
      • Dr Ravdeep Kukreja
      • Dr Adam Pyle
      • Dr Ferhana Tahir
      • Dr Victoria Mount
      • Dr Johnny Nie
      • Dr Kathryn Newton
      • Casey Liut
      • Shelly Hynes
      • Tereza Lynde
      • Krystal Salao
      • Kyle Shermet
      • Travor Chaput
      • Amanda Saxton
      • Marilyn Wanamaker
      • Cec Barr
      • Dave McKay
      • Jane Heath
      • Julie Kirby

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