ED Rounds

PLEASE NOTE: Regular ED Rounds have been replaced by ED M&M Rounds. Please visit the ED M&M Rounds page for more information.


Starting November 2014 we will be starting our regularly scheduled ED Rounds.

Rounds will take place quarterly in the months of  January, April, September and November. The day, time and locations are being worked out at present.

ED physicians will be asked to present topics which are current and related to cases seen in our emergency departments. Every physician will have an opportunity to present. The order physicians present will be random. The schedule of presentations will be determined for two years at a time. Close to the end of the two years, the presenters for the next two years will be selected. Those who have already presented will not have to present until every remaining physician has presented.

Some presentations will be done in collaboration with an resident, ED RN or RT. This will be decided based on the topic.

Topics will be determined months in advance to provide ample time for preparation. To assist in preparation, Debbie Arsenault from the LH Library in the LHEARN Centre has offered his assistance with literature searches and presentation preparation. More information on this to follow.

Stay tuned to this page for more details.

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