Lexicomp Access for LH Staff

1. What is it?

Lexicomp is an online drug & clinical content database providing Lakeridge Health staff with authoritative, current drug information. The Lakeridge Health Formulary is also available on Lexicomp.

2. Where can I find it?

From Meditech: The “References” area of the Nurs Mod includes a link to Lexicomp. It should also display from the dropdown list on the first PCI screen.

From the Wave: Click on “My Tools”, choose “Clinical Apps” and select “Lexicomp”.

Or click here and bookmark at: https://online.lexi.com/lco/action/home

3. What else does Lexicomp provide?

Patient Education:  Information in 19 languages at Grades 3 to 6 reading level including: Medications, Conditions, Procedures, Discharge Instructions, Healthy Living & Natural Products.

Drug Interactions

IV Compatibility Charts (Access from main Lexicomp menu)

Drug IDsClinical Calculators, and Toxicology

4. What training materials are available to learn more about Lexicomp?

Find short videos (>4 mins) at: http://www.lexi.com/institutions/products/online/training-videos/

Viewing these videos using the Explorer browser may not be optimal; try using Mozilla or Google Chrome browser for easier viewing.

Downloadable print instructions can be found at:


5. Can I download Lexicomp onto my personal smartphone? iPod? iPad? Tablet?

Yes, you can. The complete download information is available at: http://www.lexi.com/codes/?universal=RTXV89XEQZBU

You should have a strong WiFi connection to download the Lexicomp drug library onto your device. Avoid data charges by utilizing unlimited data or free WiFi.

After the Lexicomp drug library is downloaded onto your device, you do not need an internet connection to view the information; however, be sure to click on “Update” when you have a WiFi connection to ensure that you have the most current drug information.

Note: Contact Lexicomp Technical Support at 866 397 3433 (Option 3) for issues related to downloading Lexicomp to your personal device; our IT Help Desk continues to support the web-based version of Lexicomp that is available on all Lakeridge desktop computers.

Questions? Concerns? Contact Ken McFarlan at Ext. 3334

Ken McFarlan

Manager, BMO Financial Group Health Sciences Library
T. 905.576.8711 ext. 3334


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